Sponsorship of Cultural Programs

Culture is what every generation of a country treasure’s and is proud of, wants to preserve, protect and propagate.  Its passage is blessed by the previous generations and received with gratitude by the successive generations.  It is done in peaceful atmosphere; it is many a time, abstract like electricity.   It can be felt and experienced but not seen.  However this process is fast eroding since independence, at an alarming rate which is harmful to the society.

In the above scenario, it is felt that something has to be done to prevent the fast decline in this all-important area.  To protect, nature, develop and propagate the Bharatiya Samsamskriti for all round development of our country based on the ageless heritage and tradition of this country. The Trust conducts Cultural programmes once in a month at Sampatthu, Narayananagar, Bangalore.   The programme are held on first Sunday of every month.

Vidwan Shri. Anantha Bhagavathar, Mrs. Charulatha Ramanujam, Vid. Krishna Prasad, Vid. R.K. Padmanabha, Dr. Raghavendra Shenoy, Dr. Omkar, Yoga Experts   and various renowned artists from all over the state are participating in these programmes.